About Our Camp

Have you ever driven around your town and seen houses that are in bad shape? Ever thought to yourself, “Someone should do something about that!”? Have you ever seen children living in poverty and wondered why nobody was helping them? Chances are you have, maybe for a long time now. This is the drive behind Do Something! Why as Christians do we continue to pass by individuals in need and do nothing about it? It’s time believers put their faith into action and make an impact for Jesus this summer by being His hands and feet.
With your help we will reach a community for Jesus! We are going to meet physical needs which will give us the opportunity to meet spiritual needs. Together we will install new roofs, build wheel chair ramps, paint houses, replace siding, have backyard bible clubs, feed the hungry, and whatever else we can to show a community the love of Jesus. Now you may be thinking, “but it’s not my community” and your right! This won’t be your community but it could be next summer or the summer after that. We are the body of Christ and your community matters to us! Come to Do Something 2020 and what we pray is that you will consider hosting a Do Something camp and we will join you to reach your community! This camp is not about us but about furthering the Kingdom of God!

Here is all you need to know about this camp:

Where? Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church in Baker, FL 32531
All projects will be in North Okaloosa County

When? July 19-24 2020

Why? Because its what Jesus would do!

Cost? $200 per student (all adults are FREE!)

Who? All students just completing 6th-12th Grade

Speaker? Ryan Fontenot

Band? Iron City Worship


This camp has a strict no complaining rule! This camp is not about “i” it is however about Him! Please encourage your student to be flexible this week. Students may not end up on the crew they wanted or with their best buddy but they will end up where they are needed and with the right attitude they will have a great experience. Our students will imitate the attitude of their leaders so if you are a chaperone or helping serve do so with a loud cheerful heart of encouragement and flexibility. This week we will be putting our faith into action and will be showing a community that God loves them and so do we, but if we are complaining about what we are doing or are not showing a Christian attitude then we will not be showing our home owner or the residents of the neighborhoods the love of God.

Unlike many camps we need adults to make this camp take place so to help both of us all adults are FREE!!! We know many of your workers are going to take a week off work to help your group go to camp so why make them pay too? In addition to your youth workers we will take all the constructionally and ministry gifted individuals your church has to offer!!!
Do you have a college ministry? Well we also need summer staff! These mature students will work behind the scenes preparing for worship, running errands, and simply doing anything we need them to! They also are completely FREE!

Call, text, or email the camp director directly: Justin Lewis
Cell: 9018712323
Email: justin@prbc.church

We hope to see you and your group this Summer!!!

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